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Life After Child


Thousands of Mommas lose their child each year. We are taught from the beginning, to be silent about our loss because it makes those around us uncomfortable and the majority don't know how to handle it. What about us? What about our loss? Where do we go to "heal"? Who could possibly understand a loss like this?

HEllo, I'm June

I started out probably right where you are.

After losing my son, Kaleb, in 2012, I was lost. I had no idea how to find peace and rebuild my life. "Healing" did not seem possible and I felt so alone in going through the loss of Kaleb.

Until I found a roadmap that worked for me.

I made every mistake in the book but why?

Doing it alone

I thought no one understood my loss.The truth, there are millions of Mommas who could help me, even though their loss was different from mine.



Blaming myself

I became the "what if " queen after Kaleb's death. I wanted to blame everything on myself starting from the beginning of my pregnancy.



He was forgotten

I truly believed that once Kaleb passed, he needed to be tucked away & not spoken about. But at the same time, I worried he would be forgotten.



Life has a way of changing the journey you are on, even if you don't like the change.

Life after my complete Placental Abruption was spent taking care of Kaleb's 24/7 special needs.

But all that came crashing down March 2012, when he passed away in his sleep from the injuries he endured from his birth. I felt completely alone, feared that my precious Kaleb would be forgotten and the "what ifs" were continuously running through my mind.

My mind raced constantly and I just wanted peace, I wanted to live life again but did not know how.

I decided one day, I was going to live again. I tried all the things we are told to do, but I still continued to feel stuck and did not like parading my loss to complete strangers, who never experience a child's death.

BUT as I stumbled, I also learned how to deal with my loss and find the peace I so desperately needed.

I was able to find peace and rebuild my life.

So why did I fail at first?

After I decided I was not going to live the rest of my life in an emotional roller coaster, I realized the life that I was trying to go back to, was nonexistent. My morals, values and things that were important to me were changing. Not only did I lose my Kaleb, I lost myself too.

By realizing that, I began to take steps to find myself and the peace I so desperately needed...

I took my first steps with a simple affirmation

"I have already lived my worst day,

every day after will be better than that day"

I finally figured out a roadmap that helped me find peace and rebuild my life.

and I continue to find moments of happiness each day......

this is possible for you too

Can you


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You want to find peace with your loss

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You want to rebuild your life

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You want your child's legacy to live on

You could begin to find peace with your child's death

You could rebuild your life while still honoring your child

You knew steps to help you on those unbearable days

You knew how to change your mindset around your loss

You could find peace and a sense of "healing", without hiding your child's death from the world




Life After Child Coaching

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What you get

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Clarity on your child loss & steps to find peace

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Prerecorded video training on strategies to help with child loss

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Support via Voxer

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VIP community with other Mommas in LACF

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Handouts & prerelease webinar trainings

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90 Day Plan for your specific child loss

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First 9 weeks, once a week, 1:1 hour long, coaching sessions

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Lifetime Access to Monthly Group Coaching


is this for?

Women who have lost a child but believe their life is more than just their child loss

Women who want to find peace and rebuild their life but don't know where to start

Women who want to rebuild their life and change their mindset to a positive one

Women who are ready to move forward, even though they fear the future

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Life After Child Coaching

Frequently asked


How long is your coaching program/membership?

Life After Child is 90 days total but you have access to all modules/App as long as you would like. You will also be able to watch the meets after you have completed your 90 days. Your membership is a one time fee forever!

Is Life After Child good for all women that have lost a child?

Yes and No! Life After Child is for Mommas who have made the decision they want to move forward in their loss. The program works best with Mommas willing to give 100+ percent to change and trying new things. The program is not for Mommas who are not ready to share their story and work through all the emotions that come with speaking about their child loss. And I will say, if you are not there yet, that is okay too Momma, you will get there. Give yourself time ♥️ Please join the Facebook group and grow.

How is Life After Child Femiety Delivered?

Does Life After Child replace therapy?

There are several recorded modules that you will watch and you will implement the modules. You will also have access to ask question in a private group setting with other members and through App voice and text messaging. Your first 90 days you will have 1:1 Coaching Calls and there are always Monthly Group Coaching Calls.

NO! Please understand, Life After Child is NOT Psychotherapy, Therapy or Counseling. This program is a coaching program that will help you work through your child loss. This program works off proven steps that other Mommas before you, have used to move forward in your child loss. If you have severe depression, PTSD or suicidal thoughts, please seek a professional child loss specific therapist. We all are in this together and I want everyone to move forward and find happiness again. Sometimes that means I can't help you, and that is okay. The most important thing is getting you exactly what you need.

Not Ready

Not Ready to book a call, Join the Facebook group until you are ready!